Creating impact through design.

The team and collaboration is everything. I specialise in workshopping to harness thoughts visually and collaboratively.

I believe that successful products and services comes from a shared understanding of a validated root problem and a collaborative approach to solutions.

Inviting different experts and disciplines early in the design process is a tactic to constantly de-risk our work and come up with diverse & brilliant ideas.

Workshop principles

1. Preparation is key. Start with WHY and the desired outcome.

2. Provide context & scenarios for each activity

3. Safe & inviting space is foundational for innovative ideas

4. Collaborative decision making

4. Be ready to respond & adapt as we go

Some of the workshops I love facilitating.

Team development

Team canvas or charter
Ways of working agreements
Team health checks
Design team vision & tension
Personal growth map

Ideation, Design & Strategy

Lean UX / Design studios
Example mapping
Design critiques
Design sprints
User story mapping
Project context canvas
Lightning Design Jam