Hi I am Jules a

My strength lies in User Experience & User Interface Design

I believe that successful products come from a shared understanding of a problem and a human-centric approach to solutions. I’m educated at Hyper Island, learning UX in the world-leading industry specialist school & leadership at UGL. In the last 7 years, I’ve worked with over 15 amazing clients across 3 continents. I am a maker who loves rapid prototyping, leading UX research and multidisciplinary collaboration.


The business needs & vision

Creating and visualising a crystal clear vision that the whole team can work towards. In every project, we need to define the ultimate dream scenario. Looking at this with a tangible lens, what would the ideal output and outcome look like on this day 1 year from now? 5 years? What needs to happen for this to be the reality? Let’s come together and clarify how could we measure it before strategy definition!

The user needs

Understanding and validating the core needs of the people we’re designing for. What are they dreaming of and how can the digital service or product help solve problems these humans have.

The team needs

“There’s no team without trust,” says Paul Santagata, Head of Industry at Google. The two-year study on team performance, revealed that the highest-performing teams have one thing in common: psychological safety, the belief that you won’t be punished when you make a mistake.

Embracing complexity

We explore the key to complex systems, and accept uncertainty and the fact that complex system problems demand complex solutions.

How I work

My values are clarity, empathy and lifelong learning and these ideals guide my approach to problem-solving.

Team setup

Ways of working session
Team member dreams & objectives
Team profiles


Project context mapping
Project canvas 1 pager
Challenging the brief
Defining success metrics


Generative research
Stakeholder interviews
Guerrilla Research(my favourite)


Strategy canvases
Root problem framing
Target group definition


Gather inspiration
Vision framing workshops
Multi-disciplinary Design Studios


Low fidelity prototyping
High fidelity prototyping
Experiment metrics formulation


Concept testing
Usability testing


Building the thing right.
Prioritisation/realist workshops
Backlog creation


Feedback stream
Analytics and metrics
Funnel / conversion rate optimisation

“Jules is a real force of nature – she not only is a talented product designer with a careful eye for detail, she is also a gifted service designer. Jules can also expertly lead user experience research, as I have witnessed while working with her on a high-profile cross-government engagement. No matter how complicated the challenge, Jules approaches problems with a smile and determination. She is a fantastic team-player.”

Emily F Senior User Experience Researcher

“Working with Jules always feels like a collaboration, shes has great ideas of her own but always open to other opinions and adapts where shes sees fit. I've been enjoying the usage of figma, miro and notion as initiated by Jules”

Adam J Technical Architect

“Jules has a keen eye for how details fit into the bigger picture and a talent for all design tasks, from iconography through to multi-application holistic design. Jules has an inquisitive mind, seemingly endless patience and a boundless enthusiasm to absorb tasks outside of her normal remit.``

Tom Co-Founder

Making your team thrive with feedback

In this Medium article I am sharing how to faciliate a session to uncover blindspots and give peer feedback in your team – even remotely.

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